The Front Porch 9/19/2011

by amy | Playlists

Dixie Chicken – Little Feat
West End – John Mellencamp
Mustache Man – American Graveyard
Dark Autumn Hour – Frontier Ruckus
John Henry – Bruce Springsteen
To Be With You Again – Steel Drivers
Hair Of The Dog – Beautiful Losers Society
Your Gonna Meet Somebody on Your Bond – Pine Hill Haints
Maravilla – Have Gun Will Travel
I’ll Miss You – THe Fabulous Ginn Sisters
Drunkard and The Angel – Porter Hall Tennessee
I dreamed a Highway – Gillian Welch
Ghost of Virginia – Justin Townes Earl


The Front Porch 9/12/2010

by amy | Playlists

Cookin’ Chicken – Hasil Adkins
2am – The Hollyfelds
Corea Vet Jam – The Greenland Whalefishers
Laredo Skies – Truckstop Coffee
I’m On To You – Neil Diamond
David and Goliath – The Stairwell Sisters
Things We Believe In – Po Girl
The Big Guns – Jenny Lewis
Drunken Hiccups – Tallboys
Lizzie Lou – Osborne Brothers
Ol Nashville Bum – Ol’ Yeller
The Last Pale Light in the West  – Ben Nichols
Water Town – The Atkinson’s
Carnival of Pills – Reverend Glasseye and His Wooden Legs
Take Me Away – Jim white
A Pocket Full of Soul – Jason Ringenberg

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