Music Mosaic #11

by ed | Playlists

Airs at 11:00pm

  1. Walking in My Shoes (Random Carpet mix) by Depeche Mode
  2. Viper Pit by Climber
  3. I Couldn’t Sleep by Au Revoir Simone
  4. Come on in Out of the Rain by 12 Rounds
  5. Perfect Day by Dollshead
  6. Junkyard by Diatribe
  7. Under Your Nose by Pale Saints
  8. Pra Manha by Da Lata
  9. Samba Do Gringo Paulista (Zero DB Reconstruction) by Suba
  10. Buzzin’ by Asian Dub Foundation
  11. Pretty Pain by Money Mark
  12. Chickenfight by Kid 606