Music Mosaic #16

by ed | Playlists

Music Mosaic airs Mondays at 11:00pm:

  1. I Want You to Know by Masha Qrella
  2. Hiding / Fading by Ms. John Soda
  3. Grin and Bear by Lali Puna
  4. Listen to the Radio by Sloan
  5. In This City by Enon
  6. Born Under a Good Sign by Teenage Fanclub
  7. Now We Know by Lake Trout
  8. Newtons Gravitätlichkeit by Einstürzende Neubauten
  9. Mr. F by The Sea And Cake
  10. Horses in My Dreams by PJ Harvey
  11. Open Up by Lamb
  12. Unsolved Remained by Masha Qrella
  13. Contratempo by Lali Puna
  14. Scan the Ways by Ms. John Soda