Black Kill Death

by djangri | Playlists

1.        Windy & Carl

I Have Been Waiting To Hear Your Voice

The Dreamhouse/Dedication to Flea EP

2.        The Photographic

Mille Rode to Heaven on the Back of an Orca

Pictures of a Changing World

3.        Bardo Pond

Walking Stick Man

Set & Setting

4.        Jack Rose

Cross the North Folk

Kingston Blues

5.        Pelt

untitled 3

untitled EP

6.        Paik


Monsters of the Absolute

7.        Makoto Kawabata

French Sweet Sugar House

Hot Rattlesankes

8.        Damon & Naomi

Eye of the Storm

Playback Singers

9.        Wooden Shjips

Lucy’s Ride

s/t EP

10.     Grails

Stoned at the Taj Again

Take Refuge in Clean Living

11.     Mono


You Are There

12.     Sapat


Mortise & Tenon