Collect/Compose Ep.16 7/4/09

by admin | Playlists

  1. The Dodos–“Joe’s Waltz”
  2. The Good Life–“Lovers Need Lawyers”
  3. Jens Lekman–“The Opposite Of Hallelujah”
  4. Titus Andronicus–“My Time Outside The Womb”
  5. The Decemberists–“The Perfect Crime #2”
  6. Dinosaur Jr.–“We’re Not Alone”
  7. Dirty Projectors–“Useful Chambers”
  8. Elliott Smith–“Baby Britain”
  9. The Flaming Lips–“They Punctured My Yolk”
  10. The Walkmen–“Little House Of Savages”
  11. White Rabbits–“Lionesse”
  12. Sunset Rubdown–“You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)”
  13. TV On The Radio–“Let The Devil In”