Collect/Compose Ep.32 1/9/10

by admin | Playlists

  1. Richard Swift–“Ballad of Old What’s His Name” from The Atlantic Ocean
  2. The Apples in Stereo–“Strawberryfire” from Her Wallpaper Reverie
  3. Menomena–“Strongest Man in The World” from I Am The Fun Blame Monster!
  4. The Flaming Lips–“Convinced of The Hex” from Embryonic
  5. Sondre Lerche–“Sleep on Needles” from Faces Down
  6. Midlake–“Kingfish Pies” from Bamnan And Silvercork
  7. Neon Indian–“Deadbeat Summer” from Psychic Chasms
  8. Portugal. The Man–“Lovers in Love” from The Satanic Satanist
  9. Yeasayer–“Ambling Alp” from Odd Blood
  10. Field Music–“In Context” from Tones of Town
  11. Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire–“11:11” from The Swimming Hour
  12. Devendra Banhart–“Long Haired Child” from Cripple Crow
  13. Department of Eagles–“Floating on The Lehigh” from In Ear Park
  14. The Beatles–“Maggie Mae” from Let It Be