Replay Radio #96 January 30, 2010

by dave | Playlists

Billy Squier – Lonely Is The Night

Billy Squier – In The Dark

Billy Squier – You Know What I Like

Patti Smith – Free Money

Patti Smith – Break It Up

Teenage Head – Full Time Fool

Teenage Head – Top Down

Teenage Head – Some Kinda Fun

Plastic Mastery – Before The Fall

Plastic Mastery – Yeah, Tonight

Plastic Mastery – The Earthlings Of Our Evenings

Colbom – Too “Smart” For Our Own Good

Colbom – Prisoner Of Work

Colbom – A Hymn For The Cowards, Libertines and Scoundrels

The Bar Feeders – Dino Fever

The Bar Feeders – Pissy Bear

The Bar Feeders – 5/07

Mastadon – Sleping Giant