Black Kill Death – Tuesday 3/16 @ 2 AM

by djangri | Playlists

Animal Collective Two Sails on a Sound Here Comes the Indian
Storm & Stress Track 2 Under Thunder and Flourescent Lights
Storm & Stress Track 3 Under Thunder and Flourescent Lights
Sleater Kinney Let’s Call It Love The Woods
Sleater Kinney Night Light The Woods
Sigur Ros untitled untitled LP
Pelican Red Ran Amber The Fire In Our Throats…
Jesu Friends Are Evil s/t
Pyramids The House Is Like Any Other World s/t
From Moument to Masses Hammer & Nails On Little Known Frequencies
Paik Monster of the Absolute Monster of the Absolute
World’s End Girlfriend The Octuple Personality & 11 Crows Hurtbreak Wonderland
Mono Halcyon (Beautiful Days) Walking Clouds and Deep Red Sky…
Evens, The You Won’t Feel A Thing s/t