Collect/Compose Ep.43 5/15/10

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  1. Little Joy — “Brand New Start” from Little Joy
  2. Wilco — “Theologians” from A Ghost Is Born
  3. Sean Lennon — “On Again, Off Again” from Friendly Fire
  4. God Help The Girl — “Act Of The Apostle” from God Help The Girl
  5. The New Pornographers — “These Are The Fables” from Twin Cinema
  6. The Kinks — “Autumn Almanac” from The Ultimate Collection
  7. Brian Wilson — “Heroes And Villains” from Smile
  8. Paleo — “AOK” from Misery, Missouri
  9. Richard Swift — “Dressed Up For The Letdown” from Dressed Up For The Letdown
  10. Rogue Wave — “Nourishment Nation” from Out Of The Shadow
  11. Spoon — “Who Makes Your Money” from Transference
  12. The Morning Benders — “Excuses” from Big Echo
  13. The Apples In Stereo — “Green Machine” from Fun Trick Noisemaker
  14. Elliott Smith — “Bled White” from XO
  15. Belle & Sebastian — “Dirty Dream Number Two” from Boy With The Arab Strap

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  1. Barryon 21 May 2010 at 9:22 pm

    I first saw Elliott Smith in Amsterdam with Quasi as his back-up band. For real. It was so good. They had equipment problems but they rocked! Before the show we saw him playing on the street, well kind of in an alley in a door way. That was weird.