Collect/Compose Ep.44 6/5/10

by admin | Playlists

  1. The Essex Green — “Don’t Know Why (You Stay)” from Cannibal Sea
  2. The Apples In Stereo — “Tidal Wave” from Fun Trick Noisemaker
  3. Andrew Bird — “Oh No” from Noble Beast
  4. Lawrence Arabia — “Auckland CBD Part 2” from Chant Darling
  5. The Morning Benders — “Promises” from Big Echo
  6. The Minders — “Yeah Yeah Yeah” from Hooray For Tuesday
  7. The Fiery Furnaces — “Clear Signal From Cairo” from Widow City
  8. Elliott Smith — “L.A.” from Figure 8
  9. The Olivia Tremor Control — “A Sleepy Company” from Black Foliage: Animation Music
  10. Spoon — “The Infinite Pet” from Gimme Fiction
  11. Rogue Wave — “Postage Stamp World” from Out Of The Shadow
  12. Joanna Newsom — “Good Intentions Pavement Company” from Have One On Me
  13. Circulatory System — “This Morning (We Remembered Everything)” from Signal Morning
  14. Camera Obscura — “Come Back Margaret” from Let’s Get Out Of This Country