Fear Me as a Dictator 13

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Track  4                       1:14 Gauze (Title in Japanese)
Steve Don’t Party No More 1:44 Mean Jeans Are You Serious
No Light Soul Of State 4:00 Crude Attitude
Baghdad Beach Party 2:38 Regulations To Be Me
Oh My God 3:19 Ida Maria Fortress ’round My Heart
Saturday’s Blood 5:20 Cult Ritual 1st LP Hardcore
Machine 6:30 Morne Untold Wait Metal
Real Fight 2:41 Mustang Free Style
Broken Things 2:22 Reigning Sound Love And Curses
that kid and his poitics mp3 2:12 Ice Nine
Vengeance Is Mine 3:16 Morbid Angel Covenant
Judgement Passed 0:24 Low Threat Profile S/T 7″
Volatile 1:13 Man Is The Bastard Abundance Of Guns 7”
Over The Wind 2:20 Crude Attitude
Nervous Breakdown 2:09 Black Flag Nervous Breakdown
My War 3:46 Black Flag My War
Rise Above 2:27 Black Flag Damaged Hardcore
Modern Man 3:11 Black Flag Loose Nut