Hippie Sessions 11 Aug 2010

by stan | Playlists

Steppenwolf                         Steppenwolf 7    Forty Days and Forty Nights

Mothers of Invention      Uncle Meat         Cruising for burgers

Van Morrison                    Wavelength        Wavelength

Traffic                                    Best of Traffic    Heaven is in your mind

Jimi Hendrix                        Axis bold as Love     You got me floatin

Jefferson Airplane            Volunteers             Wooden Ships

Janis Joplin                         Pearl                        Move Over

The Who                             The Who Sell Out   Armenian City in the Sky

Elton John                           Madman Across the Water   Madman Across the Water

Led Zepplin                         Led Zepplin 1st LP                   Babe I’m gonna leave you

Deep Purple                        The Book of Taliesyn            Kentucky Woman

Chicago                                  Chicago III                               I don’t want your money

Janis Joplin                           Pearl                                         Mercedes Benz