Black Kill Death 9/20 @ 11 PM

by djangri | Playlists

Magnetic Fields, The I Die I
Comets on Fire Beneath the Ice Age Field Recordings from the Sun
Kreng Meisje in Auto Lautopsie Phenonende De Dieu
Kreng In de Berm Pt 3 Lautopsie Phenonende De Dieu
Kreng Nerveuze Man Lautopsie Phenonende De Dieu
Deathprod Dead People’s Things Morlas & Dogma
Animal Collective De Soto De Sun Campfire Songs
Gowns White Like Heaven Red State
Mountains Choral Choral
Mark Lanegan Band Blues for D Field Songs
Lustmord Prime (Aversion) Other
Rangda Plain of Jars False Flag
Magnetic Fields, The It’s Only Time I