Replay Radio #135 Nov.20,2011

by dave | Playlists

Dead Milkmen – Surfin’ Cow

Dead Milkmen – If You Love Someone, Set Them on Fire

Children’s Children – Worried Blues

PBR Streetgang – Fistfight

Impulse International – #8

Impulse International – #2

Propagandhi – And We Thought Nation States Were A Good Idea

Propagandhi – A People’s History Of The World

Reactionaries – My Heroes

Reactionaries – Getting Existensial On The Beach

Young James Long – In The Moanin’

Young James Long – Her Jammies

Girls Against Boys – Tucked In

Girls Against Boys – Glazed Eye

Obits – One Cross Apiece

Obits – Widow Of My Dreams

Sunny Day Real Estate – Pillars

Sunny Day Real Estate – In Circles