Gettin Pixelated

by admin | Playlists

(mike morasky – robots ftw)

adam warrock – fantomex (weapons plus)
krondor krew – adventure
mc cool whip w/ schaffer the darklord – sick skills
dale chase – that’s so meta (remix)

(mike morasky – love is a construct)

soup or villainz – maxed out
magitek – the process
hdninja – sarlacc (remix)
torrentz – french toast tango

(mike morasky – triple laser phase)

illbotz – illbotz rock the spot and go crazy
whoremoans w/ nasty young men – everywheresville
das racist – you oughta know
random w/ int80 of dualcore and schaffer the darklord – for the gamers

(mike morasky – turret wife serenade)