Replay Radio #154 May 7, 2011

by dave | Playlists

All 10″s this week. Aerosmith Big Ten Inch Toys In The Attic
Fleshies Sexiest Man Alive Game Of Futbol 10″ Adeline
Paul Baribeau 10 Things Grand Ledge 10″ Plan-it-X
Fay Wray Lucky Manicotti S/t 10″ No Idea
Samiam Don’t Break Me Don’t Break Me 10″ New Red Archives
The Jesus Lizard Cold Water S/t 10″ Jet Set
Hammerhead Load King Evil Twin 10″ Amphetamine Reptile Records
Giant Tiger 1975 s/t 10″ giant tiger
Murder City Devils Bride Of The Elephant Man Thelema 10″ Sub Pop
Mega City Four Iron Sky Iron Sky 10″ Big Life
The Wedding Present Montreal Saturnalia 2×10″ Cooking Vinyl
Brittle Stars Tripping Me Up s/t 10″ FTK
Chuck Ragan & Jon Gaunt Between The Lines
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb Passghetti Of Chivalry And Romance In A Dumpster 10″ Fab Records
Fin Fang Foom Negative Numbers / Johnny Pain Split 10″ w/ Jon Todd