ReplayRadio#155 May 14, 2011

by dave | Playlists

Fin Fang Foom  Johnny Pain Split 10″ w/ Jon Todd Stripmine Records
Avail Kiss Off Live At The King’s Head Inn 10″ Old Glory
Leatherface Pale Moonlight / Talking About A Revolution Compact And Bijou 10″ Roughneck
Bridge And Tunnel New Dialouge Indoor Voices 10″ No Idea Records
Bangs I Want More Call And Response 10″ PNV
Teen Idles Human Punching Bag Spread / Teen Idles 10″ California Roll / Suburban Home
Berzerk Reconstructive Self Destruction This Silence Kills 10″ Recess Records
L7 Shove Smell The Magic 10″ Waterfront Records
Sleater Kinney The Day I went Away S/t 10″ Villavillakula
Cornelius Grasshopper / Break Speky S/t 10″ Assorted Porkchops
Ruination Burnout USA 10″ Youth Attack
16 Sedatives Curves That Kick 10″ Bacteria Sour
Damad Mindmatic Damad / Meatjack 10″ At A Loss Records

Second half of my two hour block of only 10″ records.  Enjoy.