Hear Her 11 5/30/11

by jess | Playlists

Step Up To The Mic – Kathleen Hanna ft Internal Ex

The Other Girls – Vivian Girls

Take It As It Comes- Vivian Girls

Professional Widow – Tori Amos

Stay Away – Heavens To Betsy

Night Vandals – Cadallaca

Canonize Philip K Dick, Ok – World/Inferno Friendship Society

St. Petersburg – Brazilian Girls

The Bed – St Vincent

Pretty Boy – Swish

For All The Boys In The World – Chicks On Speed

Skin – Sin

One Hit Wonder – Sincola

Cadillac Bra – Trick/Baby

Dawn Feather – Tracy and the Plastics

Cut My Skin It Makes Me Human – The Gits

Your Worst Enemy – Go Betty Go