Gettin’ Pixelated

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(Danimal Cannon – Danimal Across America)

MC Frontalot w/ Zealous1 & Dr. Awkward – I’ll Form The Head
The ThoughtCriminals     All the Coins (featuring Int80 of Dual Core)
Rappy McRapperson and MC Wreck     Modeling and Dancing In Space
Torrentz     French Toast Tango

(Inverse Phase – NES Me An Angel)

Adam WarRock & Ruckus Roboticus – Star Wars Uncut
MC Cool Whip w/ Schaffer the Darklord – Sick Skills
HDninja – Carformer
Beyond the Void w/ Zinn, Deafinition, and Cryptic Wisdom – M0N5T3R

(Random Encounter – The Legend of Zelda)

Soup or Villainz – Game To Play
MC Lars – Lars Attacks!
Illbotz – The Opposite of Abstinence
Swagberg – Pony Swag (Radio Edit)

(Armcannon – Rygar)