Gettin’ Pixelated

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(dubmood – silent shout)

HDninja – The Revolution
Torrentz w/Mr. Spastic, Klopfenpop, C0splay, and Marc With a C – Cereal (A Day in the Life)
Supercommuter – DMG We Trust In Thee
Swagberg  – Pony Swag (Radio Edit)

(stage7 – superheroes)

mc chris – HAN SOLO
Random w/ Storyville – Level Up
Adam WarRock – Fantomex (Weapon Plus)
MC Lars w/ KRS-One, Rittz and mc chris – What Is Hip-Hop?

(nullsleep – her lazer eyes)

Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks
MC Frontalot w/ MC LarsCaptains Of Industry
King Pheenix w/Dale Chase – Bottle It
Emergency Pizza Party – Shine Avenue

(shoot – chiphop medley)