fear me as a dictator 65

by admin | Playlists

sisters of mercy        this corrosion  floodland       elecktra
swiz    tylenol hell yes I cheated      sammich
pierced arrows  black rainbows  straight to the heart   tombstone
beltones        insipid sedentary girl  lock and load   far out
tragedy conflicting ideas       vengence        tragedy records
cocteau twins   pitch the baby  heaven or las vegas     4 ad
jimmy cliff     Better Days are Coming  struggling man  island records
against me      the ocean       new wave        sire
ignition        anxiety 7″s 12″ southern
afghan whigs    white trash party       up in it        Sub Pop Records
lokum/aktiv dodshj/young wasteners      cementrytter/malgruppe/stained
circle  kobenhavn       Kick ‘N’ Punch Records
no hope for the kids/slave/asbest       angels of
destruction/krig/dodakontrol    kobenhavn       Kick ‘N’ Punch Records