fear me as a dictator 68

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RVIVR cut the chord S/T rumbletowne
PSYCHEDELIC FURS dumbwaiters Talk Talk Talk Columbia
sonic youth shadow of a doubt Evol SST
Miles Davis My Funny Valentine cookin Prestige
off! toxic box S/T VICE
American Snakeskin New Shoes turquoise for hello sweeper
quicksand unfullfilled s/t 7″ Revelation Records
dove this you can trust S/T finannical ruin
napalm death suffer the children harmony corruption Earache
systamatic death cheers to earth annies full swing feral ward
dnf hurt hurt high aniexty
last/disturd broken world/in darkness the future is in our hands Hardcore Survives
the sick/skizophrenia nora kura/raw punk eater the future is in our hands hardcopre survives
happy end Japanese title lost in translation soundtrack Mercury