fear me as a dictator 69

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O.G.    4:22    Big Business    Head For The Shallow
Choice Of A New Generation      1:59    Brutal Truth    Need To
Eternal Summer  4:31    Celtic Frost    To Mega Therion
The Laughter    3:20    Lost Tribe      Lost Tribe LP
Deadly Sinners  4:43    Coffins Buried Death
Cleansing       1:46    Sex Vid Communal Living EP
Mind Eraser     2:19    Municpal Waste  Hazardous Mutation
Lightning Strikes Twice 1:45    Rorschach       Autopsy
Iron Zion Lion  3:13    Bob Marley      Legend
She Said        3:17    The Cramps      Bad Music For Bad People
Shoplifters Of The World Unite  2:58    The Smiths      Louder Than
Cigarette Machine       4:43    Codeine Frigid Stars
Here Comes The Vain     3:12    Moneybrother    Real Control (US
A Minute        3:33    Shellac At Action Park
Possessed       2:07    Suicidal Tendencies     Suicidal Tendencies
Frankly Scarlett        1:38    Quadiliacha     Es Muerto
Jesus And Tequila       2:54    Minutemen       Double Nickels On The