fear me as a dictator 70

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Another State Of Mind   2:38    Social Distortion       Mommy’s Little
Molly’s Lips    1:44    The Vaselines   The Way Of The Vaselines – A Complete
Life Is Cheap   3:59    Flipper Generic Album
Can This Be     2:55    Wipers  Youth of America

Everyday People 2:22    Sly & the Family
Stone   Anthology
Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha  2:44    Sam Cooke       Greatest
Raspberry Beret 3:33    Prince
Daimondbacks    2:40    P.W. Long       Remembered
Another Girl, Another Planet    3:03    The Only Ones   A Time To Remember –
The Classic Years 1978
Motorway To Roswell     4:44    Pixies  Trompe Le Monde
Lithium 4:17    Nirvana Nervermind
Take This Man   2:58    LaSalle Pretty World
Feel The Darkness       5:52    Poison Idea     Feel The Darkness
Track 05        2:19    Flaws   Erect nation                    4
clumsy person comes dearly      1:29    Gauze   riding in the rhythm of the
poverty shaking
Unchallenged Hate       2:08    Napalm Death    From Enslavement To
Clear   0:35    Vaccine Demo                    4
constantly pregnant     1:21    Wrangler Brutes 16 Song Cassette
Free At Last    1:49    Youth of Today  Break Down the Walls