Black Kill Death repeat – week of 7/30

by djangri | Playlists

from 2009

One AM Radio, The Flicker The Hum of the Electric Air
Stars of the Lid Dungtitled (in A major) And Their Refinement of the Decline
Animal Collective Banshee Beat Feels
World’s End Girlfriend Years of Choke Hurtbreak Wonderland
Tortoise The Lithium Shifts It’s All Around You
Tortoise Crest It’s All Around You
Orb, The A huge ever growing pulsating… Live 93
Manual Cassy Ascend
Emeralds Damanged Kids What Happened
Sigur Ros Track 4 ( )
Boris My Machine Pink LP
Grails Stray Dog Black Tar Prophecies
One AM Radio, The Away, Into the Light The Hum of the Electric Air