fear me as a dictator 76

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Down About It   2:16    The Lemonheads  Come On Feel The
When You Find Out       2:02    The Nerves      That’s Totally Pop
Tickled To Tears        3:38    Bash & Pop      Friday Night Is Killing
08 Anybody Out There_TrackS     2:51    Mean Jeans      On Mars
Distant Lover   4:17    Marvin Gaye     Let’s Get It On
The Boy Racer   4:46    Morrissey       Southpaw Grammar
Nothing Is Ever Lost Or Can Be Lost My Science Friend   3:04    Liars   They
Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top
We Know You’re Drunk    3:23    Mule    Wrung
South Wall      3:34    Averkiou        Masters
Blue Flower     3:35    Mazzy Star      She Hangs Brightly
Eye     5:18    Neurosis        Through Silver In Blood
World Of Lies   3:35    At The Gates    Slaughter Of The Soul
Tumult Being    2:36    Man Is The Bastard      Abundance Of Guns
Unleash the Bastards    1:59    Municpal Waste  Hazardous Mutation
instinct of survival    2:30    Napalm Death    Scum
To The Stumped Underdogs        2:11    Bastard No Hope In Here
Brain Tourniquet        1:26    Neanderthal     Fighting Music