20121204 Back of Bus

by pelicanbone | Playlists

is that you-hurray for the riff raff
hurray for the riff raff-too much of a good thing
justin townes earle-am I that lonely tonight?
Hank williams-weary blues from waiting
neko case-christmas card from a hooker in minneapolis
mike hale-i’m in need
easy come easy go-mike hale
no exception-Chris Wollard
back in the dancehalls-felice brothers
lost highway-ben prestage
hopeless romantic-bouncing souls
hello morning-lightning bolt
lighting bolt-planet of the wolves
merry christmas-robert earl keen
doo rag-kick walking
leave it in the road-black diamond heavies
dead milkmen-punk rock girl
Uncle marty and friends-st. augustine song