fear me as a dictator 80

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Convenient Parking      4:08    Modest Mouse    The Lonesome Crowded
Telegram Sam    3:47    T.Rex   The Ultimate Collection Glam
That’s Where I Come In  3:33    Smoking Popes   1991 – 1998
The End Has No End      3:08    The Strokes     Room on Fire
Some Kind Of Wonderful  3:15    Talib Kweli     Reflection Eternal
Children’s Story        4:02    Slick Rick      The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick
It Was Supposed To Be So Easy   3:55    The Streets     A Grand Don’t Come For
My Adidas       2:49    Run DMC Greatest Hits
Hey Ladies      3:47    Beastie Boys    Paul’s Boutique
Hell Yeah (Remix Featuring Jay-Z)       4:20    Dead Prez       RBG
The Druid       4:52    Sleep   Sleep’s Holy Mountain
Fascist Pig     1:18    Suicidal Tendencies     Suicidal_Tendancies
Human Prey      2:08    Terrorizer      World Downfall
Chemical Warfare        6:04    Slayer  Haunting the Chapel