Music Mosaic 208: Drum & Bass

by ed | Playlists

Long-overdue Drum & Bass mixed set.

Vox: Station ID / Intro
  1. Daughter Tune (Original mix) by Blok One from No More Struggle EP
  2. Take Me (Original mix) by DuoScience from Platform1 EP
  3. Summertime Hustle (Original 12″ mix) by Kasper from The Session (Original 12″ version)
  4. It’s a New Day (Original mix) by MSDOS from Time Machine EP
  5. Sunshine Over Her (Original mix) by Motta & MSDOS feat. Joseph Ablett from Summer Beats 2013
  6. Let The Groove Roll On (Original 12″ mix) by Intelligent Manners & Dynamic from Collectivism (Original 12″ version)
  7. Autumn Leaves (Original mix) by MSDOS & Malaky from Autumn Leaves EP
  8. Glitch (Original mix) by MSDOS from Time Machine EP
  9. Fallout (Original 12″ mix) by Ted Ganung & MSDOS from Collectivism (Original 12″ version)
  10. An Old Tram (Original mix) by MSDOS from Car Chase / An Old Tram
  11. He Come Around (Original mix) by Andrezz from Summer Beats 2013
  12. Feeling ill (Original mix) by DuoScience from Out The Window EP
  13. So High (Original 12″ mix) by Locksmith & Furney from Collectivism (Original 12″ version)
  14. High Guardian (Original mix) by Insom from Future / High Guardian
  15. Sun Eater (Original mix) by Technical Itch from Progression Threat One
  16. Suits Me Fine (Original mix) by Master Swae from Bagga Manna EP
  17. You Know Soul (Original mix) by Payback & A.K.A. from Strange Planet EP
  18. Bohemia Soul (Roygreen & Protone remix) by DuoScience from The Best of LuvDisaster Vol. 2 incl. Remixes & VIPs
Vox: playlist / Outro