fear me as a dictator 89

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Razor Blades And Aspirin 2:25 Leatherface Fill Your Boots
Pandora’s Box 3:02 Leatherface Mush
Mass Hypnosis 4:26 Sepultura Beneath The Remains
Refuse/Resist 3:20 Sepultura Chaos A.D.
A Congealed Clot Of Blood 4:14 Carcass Surgical Steel
Unfit For Human Consumption 4:25 Carcass Surgical Steel
Weightless 3:57 Chokebore Anything Near Water
Valentine 3:01 CHokebore Black Black
Mistress of Pain 4:04 Death Angel The Ultra-Violence
Veil of Deception 2:34 Death Angel Act III
Fact And Criminal 2:22 Gauze Equalizing Distort
clumsy person comes dearly 1:29 Gauze riding in the rhythm of the poverty shaking
Eric’s Trip 3:49 Sonic Youth Daydream Nation
Star Power 4:48 Sonic Youth Evol
you blew it 1:00 Wrangler Brutes 16 Song Cassette
constantly pregnant 1:21 Wrangler Brutes 16 Song Cassette
10 just can’t win 0:25 LOW THREAT PROFILE Product #2 12″

Build Back Your Walls 0:29 Low Threat Profile S/T 7″

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    fear me as a dictator 89