The Big Island Mix S0105 – Soca Power

by mrmagnum | Playlists

The Big Island Mix by Mr. Magnum Cover Photo

Weekly Mix of Music from the Caribbean by your Favorite DJ, Mr. Magnum


  • Pave The Road With Love by Collis Duranty on Optimus Riddim
  • Duh Stop Meh by Sexy Trisha on Optimus Riddim
  • Dance by Benjai on Optimus Riddim
  • Lean by Asten Isaac on Optimus Riddim
  • Bread by Ravi B
  • Bad Habits by Kes
  • Brace by Saga Boyz
  • No Restrictions by Denise Belfon on Popcorn Riddim
  • Whole Day by Blaxx on Popcorn Riddim
  • Fete-A-Lot by Olatunji on Popcorn Riddim
  • Niceness by JW & Blaze on Popcorn Riddim
  • Bacchanal Bumper by Blaxx on Bubble Riddim
  • Trinidad Tobago by MadMen ft Ultimate Reject on Bubble Riddim
  • Action, No Rest by MX Prime on Bubble Riddim
  • Gyal Song by Swappi & Kes on Bubble Riddim
  • We Control D Road by Destra Garcia on Bubble Riddim
  • Galavanting by Kerwin Du Bois
  • Ritual by Machel Montano on Sundance Riddim
  • Yesss Gyal by Kes & Mr. Killa on Sundance Riddim
  • Maniac by Sekon Sta on Sundance Riddim
  • Pon D Top by Skinny Fabulous on Sundance Riddim
  • Gal Tease Me by Aidonia on Sundance Riddim
  • Ministry Of Road [M.O.R.] by Machel Montano
  • Mash Up by Destra Garcia on Emergency Riddim
  • We Ready by Fya Empress on Emergency Riddim
  • Million Jam by Devon Matthews on Emergency Riddim
  • Maddd Again by DJ HP on Emergency Riddim
  • Here Again by Lil’ Bits on Emergency Riddim
  • Backa by Teddyson John on Emergency Riddim
  • Power by Machel Montano
  • Family by Farmer Nappy on Sando Riddim
  • Doh Rough Meh by Patrice Roberts on Sando Riddim
  • Wining Champion by Akeem ‘Preedy’ Chance on Sando Riddim
  • Gyal Season by GBM Nutron & Jaiga on Sando Riddim
  • Break Away by Shurwayne Winchester & Lord Nelson on Classic 60’s Riddim
  • I Want To Know by Anslem Douglas & Lil Bitts on Classic 60’s Riddim
  • Shameless by Machel Montano
  • Haunted by Machel Montano
  • HMA [Happiest Man Alive] by Machel Montano
  • BTW [Behaving The Worst] by Skinny Fabulous

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