The Big Island Mix S0106 – Dancehall By Request

by mrmagnum | Playlists

The Big Island Mix by Mr. Magnum Cover Photo

Weekly Mix of Music from the Caribbean by your Favorite DJ, Mr. Magnum


  • House Pon The Hill by Munga on Jet Stream Riddim
  • The Gal Them by Sizzla on Jet Stream Riddim
  • Fantasy by Alkaline on Jet Stream Riddim
  • Watch Me Fah by Seanizzle on Jet Stream Riddim
  • Mek It Shoot by Khago on Jet Stream Riddim
  • She’s Dangerous by I Octane on Jet Stream Riddim
  • Duh Suh by Versatile on Dark Skies Riddim
  • Born Bad by Popcaan on Dark Skies Riddim
  • Better Tomorrow by Jahmiel on Dark Skies Riddim
  • Fly Away by I Octane on Dark Skies Riddim
  • Get Away (Weed Song) by Popcaan on Dark Skies Riddim
  • Ganja Girl by Versatile on Sour Sop Riddim
  • Position by J’Nesis on Bass Riddim
  • Dip Nuh by Kalado on Bass Riddim
  • Bounce by Stacioius on Bass Riddim
  • Gallis by New Kidz on Bass Riddim
  • Affa Mi Name by Kiprich on Bass Riddim
  • Way You Wine by Beenie Man on Bass Riddim
  • Pon Di Floor by Ajrenalin on Bass Riddim
  • Bible A Mi Shield by I Octane on Sunlight Party Riddim
  • LLL (Love Lesson Learnt) by Saine on Sunlight Party Riddim
  • The Way You Love by Aidonia on Sunlight Party Riddim
  • Hot Touch by RDX on Sunlight Party Riddim
  • You Love Me by Jah Vinci on Sunlight Party Riddim
  • Till Daybreak by Khago on Sunlight Party Riddim
  • Pree Money & Gyal by Kalado on Sunlight Party Riddim
  • Let’s Have A Party (Fi Di Girls Dem) by Negus on Sunlight Party Riddim
  • Nuh New Friend by Prince Pin & Mr. Peppa on Sunlight Party Riddim
  • Party Til Morning by Patexx on Sunlight Party Riddim
  • Whine Up Yuhself by Beenie Man on Sunlight Party Riddim
  • Party Life by RDX on Foam Party Riddim
  • Girls Mi Can’t Do Without by Mr. G & Bobbi on Foam Party Riddim
  • Bounce Bruk Off by Colton T on Foam Party Riddim
  • Happy Days by Beenie Man on Foam Party Riddim
  • On and On by Busy Signal on Foam Party Riddim
  • Wha Do Dem by Gage on #Hashtag Riddim
  • Outta Road by Gappy Ranks on #Hashtag Riddim
  • Do Your Own Thing (Dancing Anthem) by Chi Ching Ching on #Hashtag Riddim
  • Dark by Benji Hype on #Hashtag Riddim
  • Drink and Drunk by Mr. Lexx on #Hashtag Riddim
  • Nuh Inna Bull Dance by Busy Signal on Rio De Jamaica Riddim
  • Turn It Around by Aidonia on Rio De Jamaica Riddim
  • Come Whine Gal by RDX on Rio De Jamaica Riddim
  • Hot Gal Fi Broad Out by Terro 3000 on Rio De Jamaica Riddim
  • Gal Brace It by TOK on Rio De Jamaica Riddim
  • Gwan Too Bad by Voicemail & Ninja Kid on Rio De Jamaica Riddim
  • Gal Gimme A Baby by Wasp on Rio De Jamaica Riddim
  • Walk Out by Shane O on Redlight Riddim
  • Nuh Ram by Popcaan on Redlight Riddim
  • Set The Place On Fire by Beenie Man on Redlight Riddim
  • Up by Elephant Man on Redlight Riddim
  • Gyal Get That Money by Konshens on Redlight Riddim
  • Whine & Bend Ova by ZJ Liquid on Redlight Riddim

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