Second Place – 013 – Grungetastic

by Jamey | Playlists

This week’s theme is grungetastic. Lot’s of great music from the early 90’s.

  1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed by Soundgarden from Badmotorfinger
  2. Alive by Pearl Jam from Ten
  3. Would? by Alice In Chains from MTV Unplugged
  4. Stardog Champion by Mother Love Bone from Apple
  5. All I Know by Screaming Trees from nearly lost you
  6. Violet by Hole from Live Through This
  7. Reach Down by Temple of The Dog from Temple of The Dog
  8. I’m Above by Mad Season from Above
  9. Love Buzz by Nirvana from Bleach
  10. Pretend We’re Dead by L7 from Bricks Are Heavy
  11. Wicked Garden by Stone Temple Pilots from Core
  12. Tommy the Cat by Primus from Sailing the Seas of Cheese
  13. The Wooden Song by Butthole Surfers from Independent Worm Saloon