20140422 Artists Related 012

by paige | Playlists

  1. I Don’t Care- Fall Out Boy
  2. Time to Kill- Quote Unquote
  3. Down and Out- The Academy Is
  4. My Third Strike- Quote Unquote
  5. Where The Lines Overlap- Paramore
  6. Solid Ground- Quote Unquote
  7. Hero-Heroine- Boys Like Girls
  8. Rain or Shine- Quote Unquote
  9. Only Exception- Paramore
  10. Butterfly Crime Scene- Quote Unquote
  11. Dance Inside- The All American Rejects
  12. If You Were There, Beware- Arctic Monkeys
  13. Flashing Red Light Means Go- The Boxer Rebellion
  14. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)- Fall Out Boy