The Big Island Mix Season 1 Episode 14

by mrmagnum | Playlists

The Big Island Mix by Mr. Magnum Cover Photo

Weekly Mix of Music from the Caribbean by your Favorite DJ, Mr. Magnum


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  • Africa Is Calling by Da’Ville on Serengeti Riddim
  • Beauty In The Eyes by Wayne Marshall on Serengeti Riddim
  • Thanks And Praise by Lutan Fyah on Serengeti Riddim
  • Show Love by Power Man on Serengeti Riddim
  • Don’t Ignore Him by Teflon on Serengeti Riddim
  • Set The Laws by Norris Man on Serengeti Riddim
  • So Unfair by Chukki Starr on Serengeti Riddim
  • You’re So Young by Delly Ranx & Chrisinti on Serengeti Riddim
  • Only You by Fiona on Serengeti Riddim
  • Can I Get A Kiss by Perfect on Serengeti Riddim
  • Feel Like A Fool by Sadiki on Serengeti Riddim
  • Nah Lef Mi Dawg by Junior Cat on Serengeti Riddim
  • Who’s Gonna Help Us by Mackeehan on My Voice Riddim
  • Hold On by Javada on My Voice Riddim
  • Stay Inna Mi Lane by Demarco on My Voice Riddim
  • Voices by Torch on My Voice Riddim
  • Voices In Your Head by Omari on My Voice Riddim
  • If You Should Leave by Shuga on My Voice Riddim
  • Diamond Socks by Iba Mahr
  • Hungry Days by Munga on True Melody Riddim
  • Enemies A Walk by Jah Vinci on True Melody Riddim
  • No More by Fame Styez on True Melody Riddim
  • On My Way by Floyd West on True Melody Riddim
  • Love Me by Sizzla on True Melody Riddim
  • Super Woman by T’Nez on True Melody Riddim
  • Closer To God by Bling Dawg on Frame A Mind Riddim
  • Pree Life by Delly Ranx on Frame A Mind Riddim
  • I Don’t Care by Truthful on Frame A Mind Riddim
  • Never Fall by Quick Cook on Frame A Mind Riddim
  • Poverty by Samboni on Frame A Mind Riddim
  • Working Hard by Esco on Frame A Mind Riddim
  • Sweet Reggae by Delly Ranx on Herb Family Riddim
  • One Drop by Don Franco on Herb Family Riddim
  • Roots & Culture by Fantan Mojah on Herb Family Riddim
  • Herbsman by Jabalance on Herb Family Riddim
  • Rasta Nah Gwan So by Sizzla on Herb Family Riddim
  • Food Fi Mi Belly by Teflon on Herb Family Riddim
  • Give Thanks by Esco Levi on Peace & Love Riddim
  • Thank The Almighty by Collie Buddz on Peace & Love Riddim
  • I Wish by G Whizz on Peace & Love Riddim
  • Weh Yuh Can Bare by Bugle on Peace & Love Riddim
  • Journey by Gyptian on Peace & Love Riddim

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