The Big Island Mix Season 1 Episode 15

by mrmagnum | Playlists

The Big Island Mix by Mr. Magnum Cover Photo

Weekly Mix of Music from the Caribbean by your Favorite DJ, Mr. Magnum


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  • Cross The River by I Octane on Peace & Love Riddim
  • Reach For The Stars by Sizzla on Peace & Love Riddim
  • True Friends by Negus on Peace & Love Riddim
  • Right Queen by Anthony B on Peace & Love Riddim
  • Wait For You Love by Bryka on Peace & Love Riddim
  • Journey by Gyptian on Peace & Love Riddim
  • Give Thanks by Esco Levi on Peace & Love Riddim
  • Thank The Almighty by Collie Buddz on Peace & Love Riddim
  • Weh Yuh Can Bare by Bugle on Peace & Love Riddim
  • If A No Jah by Stevie Face on In Love Riddim
  • Morning Light by Frankie Paul on In Love Riddim
  • When I Fell In Love by Jah Elect on In Love Riddim
  • Love You Need by Fred Locks on In Love Riddim
  • Your Love Is Amazing by Warrior King on In Love Riddim
  • Naw Pull It by Lutan Fyah on No More Slaving Riddim
  • No Slave by Jah Bouks on No More Slaving Riddim
  • Selling Stories by Gappy Ranks on No More Slaving Riddim
  • Build Me Up by Chezidek on No More Slaving Riddim
  • To Every Father by Adventurous on No More Slaving Riddim
  • We Can Do It by Spectacular on No More Slaving Riddim
  • To Much Man A Dead by Capeleton on No More Slaving Riddim
  • Jealousy by Lukie D on Crossing Riddim
  • Woman A Mad Mi by Ras Ghandi on Crossing Riddim
  • Me Or The Blings by Hawkeye on Crossing Riddim
  • Hustler by Cobra, Ratigan & Blue Lion on Crossing Riddim
  • Only A Woman by Empress Roberta on Crossing Riddim
  • I Am Gone by Jah Bouks on Crossing Riddim
  • What About Us by Pehtrol on Crossing Riddim
  • Feel Good by General Degree on Crossing Riddim
  • Perfectly Imperfect by Taco on Crossing Riddim
  • Time by Esco Levi on Simply Natural Riddim
  • Mandela by Luciano on Simply Natural Riddim
  • Rasta Callling by Chino on Simply Natural Riddim
  • Crazy Love by Pressure on Way Back Riddim
  • Step Without Fear by Turbulence on Way Back Riddim
  • Dem A Fight by Jah Mason on Way Back Riddim
  • Heathen by Di Ras on Way Back Riddim
  • Reach Out by Jah Marnyah on Way Back Riddim
  • Calling by Lukie D on Way Back Riddim
  • Warrior by Lorenzo on Way Back Riddim
  • Revelation Time by Million Stylez & Lutan Fyah on Way Back Riddim
  • Let Me Go by Konshens on Way Back Riddim
  • Roots & Culture by Lutan Fyah on Drum Stick Riddim

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