Last One In #6

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asshole parade through tha (w)ringer

palatka – cheering section/where the teachers go to learn
radon – facial disobedience
poopstorm – getting heated/religious war
Mauser – mot en stralande framtid (bomban fall cover)
asshole parade – soldier IV/vast air/big death

raging nathans – I’m on drugs
young rochelles – cannibal island
traveling – end of summer
the ergs – only babies cry
the lillingtons war of the worlds
chixdiggit – getting air

samiam - when we’re together
ADD/C – applecore
screeching weasel – i wanna be naked
forgetters – I’m not immune
Erica Freas – like weather
masked intruder – how do i get to you (first offense version)
avengers – paint it black
dead kennedys – religious vomit/moral majority
noFX – you will lose faith
the suicide machines – break the glass
Tim Barry – fine foods market