Last One In #12

by admin | Playlists

Original Air Date 10/10/2015

Young Livers – The small Hours

Spitboy – in your face
Star Fu**ing Hipsters – Ana NG (they might be giants cover)
Witch Hunt – Blind Eys Blind Lives
Aus-Rotten – American Ethic
Resist – Ignorance is Bliss
Battle of disarm -boycott meat part 2

western addiction – charged words
suicidal tendencies – fall in love today
Stop Breathing – what I want/ tomorrow’s Burden
career suicide – jonzo’s leaking radiation
Glass & Ashes – Black Beneath the eyes
Propagandhi – Rattan Cane

sunshine state – sour mash
Bangers – church street in ruins
The queers – i hate everything
shorebirds – gonna get ugly
plow united – Tour guide at the alamo/spindle
Hot Water Music – Alachua
Bloodbath & beyond – adderall you can eat/I hate you

toys that kill – nervous (Big Boys)
Night Birds – Wise up (Big Boys)
Tight Lips – influence (Big Boys)
neighborhood brats – lesson (Big Boys)