Departure 148

by markus | Playlists

  1. Let a Little Love Inside by Adam Stafford from Taser Revelations
  2. Storm (radio edit) by The Rainband from Satellite Sunrise
  3. A Simple Answer by Grizzly Bear from Shields
  4. Miracle Waves by Kite Base from Miracle Waves
  5. Rebel Rebel by The KVB from A Salute To The Thin White Duke
  6. I Am Chemistry by Yeasayer from Amen & Goodbye
  7. Dirty Mind by Noun from Throw Your Body On The Gears And Stop The Machines With Your Blood
  8. Rose Mountain by Screaming Females from Rose Mountain
  9. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts by Wolf Parade from Apologies to the Queen Mary
  10. Unless You Speak From Your Heart by Porcelain Raft from Strange Weekend
  11. Creatures of Comfort by Deep Sea Diver from Always Waiting EP
  12. You Disappear by La Luz from Wierdo Shrine
  13. Revolvist by A Shoreline Dream