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20160521 TBBA Playlist

Things Be Blowin’ Around

Bill Perry, DJ

Arctic Monkeys – Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure
Beck – Milk And Honey
Bee Gees – Lonely Days
Black Merda – Long Burn The Fire
Black Sabbath – Break Out
Cheap Trick – I Want You To Want Me
David Bowie – Be My Wife
Frank Zappa – Willie The Pimp
Jonathan Richman – Walter Johnson
Midnight Oil – Outbreak Of Love
Morcheeba – Be Yourself
New Order – Who’s Joe
Pacific Gas And Electric – Are You Ready
Portishead – Mysteron
Spirit – Neglected Emotions
The Sound Defects – The Fuzz
Propellerheads – Winning Style
Squarepusher – The Barn
Ten Years After – Here They Come
Sugar – Helpless
Steely Dan – Babylon Sisters
Bill Perry Orchestra – 3/4 Alive