Last One In #41

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Original Air Date 08/06/2016

Against All Authority – Sacco & Vanzetti/Alba

Violent Children – Culture Sucks
Pretty Pretty – Monster
Royal Headache – WOuldn’t You Know
Propagandhi – War is Peace, Slavery Is Freedom
Get Dead – She’s A Problem/Monte Carlo

The Bomb – Spaceman
Big Eyes – I Don’t Care About Friday Night
Planes Mistaken for Stars – Sicilian Smile
Adolescents – Amoeba
Black Flag -Gimmie Gimme Gimmie/Depression

The Lillingtons – War of the Worlds
The Ramones – Pinhead
Nerf Herder – Golf Shirt
Greenday – She
Screeching Weasel – I need Therapy/Hey Suburbia

Mika Miko – Sleepover Slumber Party
Grabass Charelstons – Addicted Together
Night Birds – No Way Home