Departure 169

by markus | Playlists

  1. Packed Powder by Blind Pilot from And Then Like Lions
  2. Warning Call by CHVRCHES from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Soundtrack
  3. Beautiful Words by Oscar from Beautiful Words EP
  4. Kid Who Stays In The Picture by Hot Hot Heat from Hot Hot Heat
  5. Telepathic Lover by Crocodiles from Dreamless
  6. Chin Ups by Bear Hands from You’ll Pay For This
  7. Hope Y’all Die by brothers from Want
  8. Back Into It by Islands from Should I Remain Here At Sea?
  9. Neon Dad by Holy Fuck from Congrats
  10. Cupid by The Big Moon from The Road EP
  11. The Cherry Pit by Pinkshinyultrablast from Grandfeathered
  12. Under the Sun by DIIV from Is the Is Are
  13. Before, I Am by The Belligerents
  14. Crushed by Brian Jonestown Massacre from Methadrone