Departure 211

by markus | Playlists

  1. Kismet by Posse
  2. Rain In Soho by The Mountain Goats from Goths
  3. Contact by Froth from Outside (briefly)
  4. Storms by Louise Burns from Young Mopes
  5. Real Enough to Believe by The Cairo Gang from Untouchable
  6. Grass it Grows by Cuesta Loeb
  7. Morning Light by Wilderado from Latigo
  8. Holy Life by The Stevenson Ranch Davidians from Amerikana
  9. Comes & Goes by The Violent Violets from The Violent Violets EP
  10. The Stack by White Reaper from The Worlds Best American Band
  11. Devilishly by The Jack Wood from Ritual
  12. Poison Apple by The Stone Eye from Poison Apple
  13. Just a Ride by The Virginmarys from King of Conflict (Deluxe Version)
  14. Mutant by Hey Geronimo