Departure 223

by markus | Playlists

  1. Melt Me Down by Old S Resort
  2. Fully Fledged by Vilde
  3. Mess With Love by Shyla Buff
  4. Sexy by LUCKYandLOVE from ‘Lucky + Love’ LP
  5. Time To Live by Ariel Pink from Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
  6. Wave Goodbye by Ty Segall Band from Slaughterhouse
  7. Gratuitous Abysses by of Montreal from Innocence Reaches
  8. Give It To Me by Attica Riots
  9. Losing Focus by Jaguar Purrs
  10. High as a Kite by FAIRCHILD from So Long And Thankyou
  11. Breathe Through by Wild Arrows from Dreamlike Dream
  12. Poor Receipts by Discolor Blind from Long Vivid Dream