Things Be Blowin’ Around Playlist 20190330

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Things Be Blowin’ Around Playlist 20190330Published by bill
Hosted by Bill Perry.
Things Be Blowin’ Around is an eclectic radio show of music covering all time periods and genres including rock, country, bluegrass, rap, soul, and more.This weeks show is dedicated to Cathy DeWitt and Bob McPeek for all they do for the Gainesville, Florida music scene. Both Cathy and Bob are part of the annual Vets For Peace show. Bob has recorded everyone, Cathy included. Their music heals and inspires many people. Thank you from my heart.
Playlist 20190330:

Cathy DeWitt x 14

Monica Leadon Cooper x 3

Patchwork x 8

Janet Rucker x 2

The Ironics x 2

The Erasables