Things Be Blowin’ Around Playlist 20191028

by bill | Playlists

Bill Perry, DJ
Playlist 20191104:

Bill Perry Orchestra “Floating And Flowing” w/Bill PerryCindy PerryBrian KrashpadLisa JohnsonJoshua Lederman, Pam Hunt
Bill Perry Orchestra “Going To Watch The Sunrise”
Bill Perry Orchestra “Teenager” All three songs from the new album Slackadelic.
Chuck Martin “Heppest Cat”
Chuck Martin “Love Springs”
H.R. Gertner “Mexican Beer”
H.R. Gertner “She Said”
QuarterMoon “Rosalita” John Smith
QuarterMoon “The Light” Raven Smith
Michael Lowe “It’s All Bone”
Gregg McMillan “Roll Around”
Gary Gordon “How Is The Sky Tonight”
Doug Clifford “A Great Day At Work There’s Donuts”
Doug Clifford “Tammy At The Bank”
Doug Clifford “I’m Too Late For The Last Hurrah”
Sister Hazel “Superman” Drew Copeland Ken Block
Elaine Mahon “Rise Up Singing”
Elaine Mahon “Harvee’s Song”
Elaine Mahon “Dust Tracks In the Road”
Cathy DeWitt “Up Jumped Spring”
Cathy DeWitt “For A God In Blue”
Sumac “As Is (Side One)” Jill Burton Charley McWhorter Donald Wade Posey Salina Briseno Kiker
Bruce Klein “Come To My Rainforest”
Thread “Mortality” Tom Nelly
Seraphim “Lovely World” Jemal Wade Hines Salina Briseno Kiker Richard Bassil

Loving Gainesville, Florida music.