Departure 271

by markus | Playlists

  1. Frank Got Married by The Harveys from Frank Got Married/Shadow of the Wind
  2. Bad Blood by Working Men’s Club from Bad Blood / Suburban Heights
  3. Always by Gender Roles from PRANG
  4. Sardines by Kid Kapichi from Sardines single
  5. Bloom by Great Grandpa from Four of Arrows
  6. Headfirst (It’s All Happening) by Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes from Fashion
  7. I Believe You by Dead Soft from Big Blue
  8. I Got Your Moves by Dirty Rugs from Two Sides EP
  9. Gloria by The Shivas from Dark Thoughts
  10. Clutching The Blade by Rev Rev Rev from Kykeon
  11. Sunlit Trance by Girl York from Dreaming In 505
  12. Dreams (Alt Version) by Tombstones In Their Eyes from Open Skies single
  13. Into The Arms Of Entropy by Mark E Moon from Refer
  14. Wooden Huts by The Parasite from Wooden Huts