Departure 277 – 2019 Favorites, Part 1

by markus | Playlists

  1. Harmony Hall by Vampire Weekend from Father of the Bride
  2. I Wanna Be A Nobody by FUKC from Je Suis Meh
  3. Feet by Fat White Family from Serfs Up!
  4. You shine on me (feat. Boys) by HOLY
  5. Thought. Mouth. by FIDLAR from Almost Free
  6. More Than Ever by Fews from Into Red
  7. Glitterati by Kid Kapichi from Sugar Tax
  8. I’m Gonna Do Well by Calva Louise from Rhinoceros
  9. Back Foot by Dinosaur Pile-Up from Celebrity Mansions
  10. Hand Mouth Dancer by Pond from Tasmania
  11. Keen for Kick Ons by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
  12. Gotta Get To Know Ya by Seratones from Power
  13. I Got Your Moves by Dirty Rugs from Two Sides EP
  14. The Souls of Lost and Found by New Age Healers from Debris