Sweet Retreat 278 – 2019 Favorites, Part 2

by markus | Playlists

  1. Homeroad by Kai Engel from Satin
  2. Midnight Parlay by Alex Cortiz from New Tunes Vol.1
  3. Aurora Borealis (Original Mix) by Lenny Ibizarre from Luxury Lounge (Special Selected Anthems), Vol. 1
  4. Storm by Firewoodisland
  5. Pretty Little Fool by The Pink Elephants from Mirrored Times
  6. Handmade Ego by Tender from Fear of Falling Asleep
  7. Pass Me a Smoke by Strangejuice from The Sound of Prozac
  8. Les Nuits de Paris (Original Mix) by Pier-O from Luxury Lounge (Special Selected Anthems), Vol. 1
  9. Leaves by Lunar Twin from Ghost Moon Ritual
  10. Luck’s All Gone by The Devil Music Co.
  11. Frozen Music by Phonseca from Between A Dream
  12. Loneliness by Aaron Taos from Birthday Boy