Departure 284

by markus | Playlists

  1. Hey Jo by The Districts from You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere
  2. Strangest Thing by Tiny Fighter
  3. Rats by The Twilight Sad from Rats/Public Housing
  4. Clap Trap by On Video from Clap Trap
  5. Middle of the House by French For Rabbits
  6. In the Afternoon by MGMT
  7. Bottomline by Lucky and Love from Transitions
  8. Degenerate Moon by Alienbaby Collective from F I S H B O W L / T E R R E S T R I A L (Double EP)
  9. Alien With a Sleep Mask On by Ratboys from Printer’s Devil
  10. Dead Inside (Yet Still Alive) by Johnny Diamonds from Terrible
  11. My Head Ain’t Right by Animal House from Premium Mediocre
  12. Feel It by Beat Hotel from Beat Hotel EP
  13. Don’t Talk by GURU from Don’t Talk / LTD
  14. Volcano by Kills Birds from Kills Birds
  15. Fox by Dogleg from Melee
  16. High Alice by Jenny Hval from The Practice of Love